Interview with Cristin Frank

DIY Inspiration from Cristin Frank at Eve of Reduction

If you’ve poked around our other blog posts or Facebook page at all, you know that we love DIY. So when we found an amazing DIYer, Cristin Frank, with a great blog over at Eve of Reduction – covering everything from upcycling to crafting and frugal living […]

Summer Barbecue Appliances

Must-Have Appliances for a Successful Summer Barbecue

No event announces the arrival of summer like a successful barbecue. If you’ve chosen to lead the charge on this season’s cook off marathon, you might find yourself asking, “How many appliances would I need to pull off such a feat?” There’s likely a way to get […]


Appliance Parts And Their More Familiar Doppelgängers

If you’re a DIYer who keeps your eyes open, you just might find that everything in nature seems to repeat. Look around you at all the patterns, shapes, colors, numbers – you name it. But it doesn’t just stop at nature. It seems that as we humans […]

New Dryer Belt

4 Signs You May Need A New Dryer Belt

No matter who you are, clean laundry is likely always near the top of your priorities list. There’s a part of the term “clean laundry” that we constantly overlook because we assume it’s inherent in the term itself: we don’t regularly say, “clean AND DRY laundry” but […]


Dread Cleaning Your Oven This Spring? You Won’t With These Tips

Spring cleaning is upon us and no single appliance can be more intimidating to clean than a conventional oven. So many questions arise. (Is it okay to soak water all over this electrical appliance? Will it sterilize better pre-heated at 450°?) To avoid accidentally electrocuting or burning […]

Kitchen Tools

6 Must-Have Tools for the Kitchen

It’s all too easy these days to throw a lot of money into a kitchen without getting much in return. There are thousands of products designed to “make life easier.” Truthfully, many of them do little more than a knife does. Then there are special dishes – […]

DIY Laundry Room

The DIY Guide to a Beautiful Laundry Room

How many times have you been to this house? It’s a beautiful two-story home where, at first glance, everything looks perfect. But there’s always that one room hidden away that is such a mess, its very existence threatens to bring down the entire property value. Damp towels […]


How AppliancePartsPros Celebrates Easter (Bonus: 2 Employee Recipes)

Easter time is usually associated with idyllic, sunny meadows speckled with pastel-colored, egg-laying bunny rabbits. In reality, sometimes (even despite what the groundhog said) the weatherman doesn’t get the memo, and you end up having to improvise your Easter plans accordingly. Whether it’s a surprise turn in […]

Buy or DIY

To BUY or To #DIY? What To Do When Your Appliances Break

We recently did some research to evaluate what people say they do when their appliances break, what they should do, and what we actually see them doing. We pulled data from Twitter and put together a fun infographic to illustrate this, along with our recommendations on when […]


Keep Your Glass Stove Top in Good Shape With These Tips

Picturesque, glistening perfection. If this is how you would describe your ideal kitchen setup, there’s a good chance you have looked into purchasing a glass stove top. They just look awesome. You can almost hear the “bling” sound as light bounces off of the surface and into […]


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