4 Signs You May Need A New Dryer Belt

New Dryer Belt
4 Signs You May Need A New Dryer Belt

No matter who you are, clean laundry is likely always near the top of your priorities list. There’s a part of the term “clean laundry” that we constantly overlook because we assume it’s inherent in the term itself: we don’t regularly say, “clean AND DRY laundry” but that’s always what we mean. So when your dryer conks out, or even if it doesn’t quite get the job done on the first run, the consequences can be devastating.

Luckily, there are a few things you can look for to tell if your dryer woes may be just a quick fix. Below are a few signs that you may simply need to replace your dryer’s belt.

Note: The following signs are specific to Whirlpool brand dryers. Whirlpool brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others. In addition, Whirlpool also makes various appliance models for Kenmore (Sears). If you need help understanding which signs pertain to your specific brand and model, or with directions on how to check for a broken or damaged belt, we’re available 24/7.


    Your dryer is totally ignoring you. You fill it up with your duds, put a dryer sheet in there, shut the door, and select the proper settings. You press your finger to the start button, and just like when Nixon faced conviction by the Senate, bam! Nothing happens. It simply won’t start.


    This is when the drum stops turning some time during the drying cycle and then the dryer can’t be restarted. This is even more upsetting than “The Cold Shoulder” because it starts out so promising and then just goes downhill from there.


    This is when your dryer makes noises. Yes, all appliances make noise to some degree, but be on the lookout (or “hear-out”?) for any odd-sounding function. A belt can start hammering out a tune in the key of “womp, womp” as the damaged part of it passes over the pulleys. The noise may be a bother, but the reason the belt is this way is not worrisome: it wears out over time through normal use.


    This describes the mysterious situation where you can hear the motor running, but the drum does not turn. The good news is that in most cases, it’s not a poltergeist causing the motor sound – it may just be running without anything to transfer the movement to the drum.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms with your dryer, then you know what it’s like to feel that pang of worry that you’re gonna have to go to work, school, or wherever else in wet clothes. Yet, with a quick assessment of the drive belt, you can be right back on your way to that warm, cozy pile of freshly dried laundry!

We can help you save time and money when you need to repair your dryer. And when it comes to the all-important belt, we’re producing new videos all the time that show, for more brands and models, how to see if it’s broken, and how to replace it if it is.

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