5 Secret Capabilities of Your Blender

Secret Blender Capabilities
5 Secret Capabilities of Your Blender

Your blender. It sits on your counter and wonders, “When will you turn me on? When will you give me delicious food to devour?” It remembers the early days: so many milkshakes…. (Too many, actually.) Then, there were smoothes; the occasional night after a Top Chef finale when you became inspired to blend your own soup or sauce.

Assuming your blender is in top working condition (if it’s not, we’ve got your blender parts covered), it just sits on your counter. Why does it stare at you? Because you aren’t unlocking its full potential. Like the Ginsu knife you only used to cut shoes in half, it can do so much more. Let’s explore:

  1. Your Blender Can Make Lotion

    Why constrain yourself to just what you can eat? With a blender, you have harnessed the ability to make liquids into solids. By blending olive oil, beeswax, rosewater, and fragrance, your blender has the ability to make homemade lotion. In addition, if you’re eating certain foods for their nutritional value, chances are those same foods can benefit your skin. Use oatmeal and powdered milk to make a gentle facial exfoliation scrub, or fresh papaya and pineapple to make a skin lightening mask.

    The best part about making these products? After you’re done, you can eat the scraps. If you’re feeling particularly capable, try this recipe for making Arm & Hammer Washing Soda into laundry sauce. Just remember to wash the heck out of your blender between uses.

  2. Your Blender Can Work on School Projects

    Want to take your kid’s school art project to the next level? Try shredding some paper in the blender to create a clay-like putty. This putty can create fine detail, and mold your kid’s project into impressive three dimensional shapes.

  3. Your Blender Can Grind Coffee

    There’s nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning. The noisiness of grinding your own isn’t ideal, but you can use it to wake up. I was given a five pound bag of premium coffee over the holidays. When my old coffee ran out, I nearly panicked after realizing the new bag wasn’t ground. Fortunately, my blender came to the rescue and chopped the coffee into perfect sized grounds.

  4. Your Blender Can Grate Cheese

    Blending cheese is a particularly great (or grate) method for breaking down harder-to-cut cheeses. You can make bite-sized morsels that fit perfectly onto your cracker, without the risk of cutting yourself. Your nachos will thank you.

  5. Your Blender Can Get Health Crazy

    If you’re looking to get fit, there’s a lot more to blenders than smoothies and shakes. People who have gluten insensitivity can use their blender to make homemade chickpea flour. If you’re looking to blend a snack to bring on your hike, you can blend bananas and roasted peanuts together to make a Banana Nut Crunch Granola Bar.

By following these outlandish tips, you can unlock new capabilities you never knew your blender possessed. More importantly, you’ll be using your blender more often. After all, a spinning blender is a happy blender!

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