6 Must-Have Tools for the Kitchen

Kitchen Tools
6 Must-Have Tools for the Kitchen

It’s all too easy these days to throw a lot of money into a kitchen without getting much in return. There are thousands of products designed to “make life easier.” Truthfully, many of them do little more than a knife does. Then there are special dishes – we all know someone who has purchased a gravy boat for a bride or groom based on their wedding registry. Yes, the gravy boat that has only seen the light of day once…three Thanksgivings ago! Despite this, we still continue to purchase things we think will “help” us.

Another mistake many homeowners make is buying similar things in different forms. Do you really need a Panini press and a George Foreman grill? A food processor and a Slap Chop? A traditional blender and a Magic Bullet? Or, as we’ve discussed, a toaster and a toaster oven?

No matter what you have stuffed in the back of your kitchen cabinets, there are a few things we recommend keeping in your stash after all. It’s amazing that despite how useful these items are, you may be more likely to come across that gravy boat than one of these handy dandy items:

    This is essential for all levels of cooking (along with a chart of safe temperatures to cook every meat). You can trust your instincts all you want, but anyone who’s ever had food poisoning can tell you it’s better to be safe than sorry. At the end of the day, cooking is a science and any scientist will tell you that if you’re not measuring accurately, you’re just playing with fire.

    If you bake, or ever plan on baking, these will save you a whole lot of grief. They can help when preparing your dough or batter, and some silicon versions can even be used in place of oil or butter when cooking on a cookie sheet or pans. They can also double as cutting boards for fruits and vegetables.

    There is no better way to fool people into thinking you’re as good a cook as Grandma than by slow cooking ANYTHING. A crock pot makes it as easy as you can ever hope. Once you’ve mastered the crock pot, you’ll open up a whole world of compliments and flavor with minimal effort and a bit of patience.

    Not everyone is a fan of tools that are made for just one item, but if you eat a large number of grapefruits, then you will really get some mileage from this simple device. It’s a lifesaver in the morning, when hand eye coordination is not at its best. Someone we know who uses this daily says, “I would have no more than 8 fingers without this device in my drawer.”

    Being such a basic device, why is this so hard to find in the kitchens of friends and family? Dull knives can cause more injuries than sharp knives, and you probably use a knife more than anything in the kitchen, so it’s a no-brainer. A dull knife is like a tire that’s low on air: it will still get you there, but if you want to arrive quickly and safely, you have to keep it in top shape!

  1. TONGS
    Any chef in the world will tell you that next to the knife, tongs are the most useful tool there is. It’s an extension of your hand that can fulfill a number of functions (stir, flip, lift, stab), but somehow the average home chef seems to only have a decorative set for dishing up salads. Get some tongs, practice twirling them, and you’ll be ready for Top Chef in no time at all.

All of these may seem unnecessary on the surface, but are genuinely useful – unlike many of the other tools that are marketed to us on late night TV. It can be hard to forego the extra items when they seem like so much fun, and this often leads to a cluttered kitchen with more gadgets and bowls than anyone knows what to do with. Use this list as a guide for the extras you should indulge in, especially if you don’t have the extra space for each new Slap Chop-like product that makes its way to your screen.

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