6 of the Weirdest Appliances Ever Made

weirdest appliances
6 of the Weirdest Appliances Ever Made

It’s getting late. The soft, blue glow of your TV leaks out from your living room window into your quiet neighborhood. Reruns of Matlock and Happy Days have wrapped up for the evening, but you’re still not ready to hit the hay. Maybe one more show before you’re all tuckered out. Suddenly, Vince Shlomi is screaming at you about some new, amazing product. You are captivated. You are reeled in. You’ve never heard of an automatic bean slicer. You can’t imagine a time that you would ever need one, but you find yourself thinking, “All of that, for only how much?” Here is a fun list of appliances that even the “ShamWow” guy himself might have a hard time selling you.

  1. Solar Powered Milk Frother

    Don’t you just hate it when you are out in the wilderness and have to settle for a cappuccino with milk that’s not frothy? Well, quit your crying now because for every problem, there is a solution. Sometimes people even invent solutions to problems that don’t exist. These are the people we have to thank for the Solar Powered Milk Frother (and the Solar Powered Espresso Machine, while we’re at it). We are still waiting on a solar-cooled milk jug!

    via SolarCosa

  2. Electric Baby-Wipe Warmer

    Now here’s something you may or may not see in the next SkyMall magazine issue. It’s understandable that a baby’s comfort level is a high priority for any mother, but it’s hard to say where to draw the line. Wait, no it’s not – the line starts at electric baby-wipe warmers. Again, some things become more clear when broken down into a cost/benefit dichotomy. Let’s just say that this item was intended for a baby’s comfort, but was recalled in the past because of an electrical shock risk. Still, this invention brought in by the stork has not yet gone the way of the dodo.

    via Amazon

  3. Coffee, Egg And Toast Maker (Combo)

    Combo appliances must take the cake as the biggest offenders when it comes to bad or hilarious ideas for the kitchen. However, the Coffee, Egg and Toast Maker has been replicated by numerous companies for one simple reason: it’s awesome! Haters are gonna hate, but at some point, everyone can find a use for this one. Cons: you already own a coffee maker, a toaster, and a stove. Pros: you can have all those in one–in your bathroom.

    via MyBadPad

  4. Gaggenau Oven

    It’s a bird…. It’s a plane…. It’s…an elevator/oven? Are you tired of those ridiculous oven doors that just open from the front? Are you embarrassed that your oven isn’t high above your range top, disguised as a microwave? Well we have just the thing for you! With a Gaggenau 200 Series Oven, you will be able to watch your food go up and down with just the push of a button. (We actually carry any Gaggenau parts you might need if you’re lucky enough to have one of these unique ovens!)

    via AJMadison

  5. Automatic Human Washing Machine

    The Japanese marketplace is notorious for taking Western innovations and improving upon them. It’s hard to say entirely which innovations inspired this sci-fi bathtub, but in 1970, the Automatic Human Washing Machine was introduced to the world. In the designer’s defense, this modern wonder was unveiled not long after the release of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    human washing machine
    via S.O.T.R.

  6. Washing Machine Toilet

    This is the biggest combo appliance offender for sure. The intent by the guilty parties behind it (to conserve water) is not a bad one, but the proximity of these two worlds is just too unnerving. At least you would always know where that missing sock went.

    via NovaFM

Practicality comes in many forms. Sometimes the most bizarre and funny ideas catch on if the climate is right. Then, when the climate changes, some of these ideas are adapted and change with the winds, while others blow away altogether. We love some of these lesser known treasures because they remind us where our priorities lie, at least for the time being.

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