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New Dryer Belt

4 Signs You May Need A New Dryer Belt

No matter who you are, clean laundry is likely always near the top of your priorities list. There’s a part of the term “clean laundry” that we constantly overlook because we assume it’s inherent in the term itself: we don’t regularly say, “clean AND DRY laundry” but […]


Keep Your Glass Stove Top in Good Shape With These Tips

Picturesque, glistening perfection. If this is how you would describe your ideal kitchen setup, there’s a good chance you have looked into purchasing a glass stove top. They just look awesome. You can almost hear the “bling” sound as light bounces off of the surface and into […]

dishwasher rack care

MYTH VS. FACTS: How to Care For Your Dishwasher Racks

MYTH: The dishwasher is the perfect, self-sustaining appliance. In addition to making your dishes and cutlery new and clean again, your dishwasher cleans itself every time it’s run. FACT: The dishwasher, like many of your dishes, is made up of different parts, all of which need to […]

laundry detergent use

Laundry Detergent: Are You Using It Right?

Unless you grew up in a wealthy family with six handmaidens at your beck and call, chances are you had to learn how to use the washing machine from a young age. Once you figured out how to set the timer and add the laundry detergent, you […]

weirdest appliances

6 of the Weirdest Appliances Ever Made

It’s getting late. The soft, blue glow of your TV leaks out from your living room window into your quiet neighborhood. Reruns of Matlock and Happy Days have wrapped up for the evening, but you’re still not ready to hit the hay. Maybe one more show before […]

Appliance Innovations

3 Amazing Appliance Innovations That Have Changed Our Lives

When you look at your daily routine, it’s undeniable: whether you’re in Glasgow, Moscow, Hong Kong, or Des Moines, you rely heavily on the modern marvel of appliances. We have countless pioneers to thank for putting themselves at great personal risk in order to achieve advancements in […]

garbage disposal

Keep the Grind Going: Things You Should NEVER Put in Your Garbage Disposal

Ahhh, garbage disposals. They’re a little like magic, aren’t they? Toss in your scraps, fire up the motor and with a heartwarming “whirrrrr” they disappear down the drain, never to be heard from again. Well, ideally. There are some things that should never be put in your […]

City Water Filter

Does Your City Need a Water Filter?

In a recent question on our website about a Pur water filter for a Whirlpool refrigerator, one of our customers asked, “After changing the water filter, is there a need to void any cups of water before drinking it?” We answered, “Yes. You need to [dispose of […]

Amazing Appliances

Amazing Smart Appliances That Could Change Your Life

In 1999, TiVo released the first digital video recorder. The device allowed people to pause, rewind, and record live television. It was the beginning of a revolution amongst household appliances. Today, more smart electronics are coming onto the market to make your house easier to maintain than […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Vacuum From Sucking Your Money

5 Ways To Keep Your Vacuum From Sucking Your Money

The average household vacuum takes up $11-$16 of your annual electric bill. Sounds reasonable until you discover your TV, which you use a hundred times more often, only costs $15 per year (source). Before you go crawling on your floor with pieces of tape to save money, […]


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