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Interview with Cristin Frank

DIY Inspiration from Cristin Frank at Eve of Reduction

If you’ve poked around our other blog posts or Facebook page at all, you know that we love DIY. So when we found an amazing DIYer, Cristin Frank, with a great blog over at Eve of Reduction – covering everything from upcycling to crafting and frugal living […]

DIY Laundry Room

The DIY Guide to a Beautiful Laundry Room

How many times have you been to this house? It’s a beautiful two-story home where, at first glance, everything looks perfect. But there’s always that one room hidden away that is such a mess, its very existence threatens to bring down the entire property value. Damp towels […]


How AppliancePartsPros Celebrates Easter (Bonus: 2 Employee Recipes)

Easter time is usually associated with idyllic, sunny meadows speckled with pastel-colored, egg-laying bunny rabbits. In reality, sometimes (even despite what the groundhog said) the weatherman doesn’t get the memo, and you end up having to improvise your Easter plans accordingly. Whether it’s a surprise turn in […]

Buy or DIY

To BUY or To #DIY? What To Do When Your Appliances Break

We recently did some research to evaluate what people say they do when their appliances break, what they should do, and what we actually see them doing. We pulled data from Twitter and put together a fun infographic to illustrate this, along with our recommendations on when […]

Secret Blender Capabilities

5 Secret Capabilities of Your Blender

Your blender. It sits on your counter and wonders, “When will you turn me on? When will you give me delicious food to devour?” It remembers the early days: so many milkshakes…. (Too many, actually.) Then, there were smoothes; the occasional night after a Top Chef finale […]

green foods

Fun Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day again, that time of year when Irish stereotypes are at their most charming. While St. Patrick’s Day can be boiled down to its base parts – shamrocks, leprechauns, and drinking – the most unique aspect of the holiday is making things green. Nobody […]

Things To Do With Dryer Lint

4 Weird Things To Do With Dryer Lint

Before the popularization of the electric dryer, times were tough for the lint artist. There just weren’t enough belly buttons to go around for an ample supply of that billowy, cottony goodness. Let’s not even get started on the lengths the cavemen had to travel to find […]

Decorate Appliance

Tips for Decorating Your Appliances

Last week, we discussed different ways to spruce up your refrigerator for a party. It got us thinking: how else could you spruce up your appliances to make your kitchen the envy of all others? We’ve assembled a list of five ways your appliances can help create […]

Isabelle Larue Interview

Isabelle LaRue of Engineer Your Space Gives Us The Dirt on DIY

With many homeowners creating DIY projects and attempting home repairs these days, we thought it would be appropriate to interview a pro DIYer to provide some insider tips and inspiration to help you customize your home. Isabelle LaRue is the creator, host, and producer of “Engineer Your […]

refrigerator party tips

How to Make Your Refrigerator the Life of the Party

When you throw a house party you spend all day blowing up balloons, tacking on banners, and making sure the place doesn’t look like a pigsty. You decorate the whole house, yet you never spruce up your refrigerator—the one appliance people depend on to keep the beer, […]


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