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Summer Barbecue Appliances

Must-Have Appliances for a Successful Summer Barbecue

No event announces the arrival of summer like a successful barbecue. If you’ve chosen to lead the charge on this season’s cook off marathon, you might find yourself asking, “How many appliances would I need to pull off such a feat?” There’s likely a way to get […]


Appliance Parts And Their More Familiar Doppelgängers

If you’re a DIYer who keeps your eyes open, you just might find that everything in nature seems to repeat. Look around you at all the patterns, shapes, colors, numbers – you name it. But it doesn’t just stop at nature. It seems that as we humans […]


Dread Cleaning Your Oven This Spring? You Won’t With These Tips

Spring cleaning is upon us and no single appliance can be more intimidating to clean than a conventional oven. So many questions arise. (Is it okay to soak water all over this electrical appliance? Will it sterilize better pre-heated at 450°?) To avoid accidentally electrocuting or burning […]

Kitchen Tools

6 Must-Have Tools for the Kitchen

It’s all too easy these days to throw a lot of money into a kitchen without getting much in return. There are thousands of products designed to “make life easier.” Truthfully, many of them do little more than a knife does. Then there are special dishes – […]

Wine Bottle

Avoid Ruining Your Next Bottle of Wine with These Tips

Wine has been around for quite a long time. Let’s take a look back through history: everyone from the ancient Egyptians to the broadsword-wielding Vikings have made their own versions of this amazing drink. Whether it was made for the holy sacraments of Medieval Europe or for […]

Toaster vs. Toaster Oven

Toasters vs Toaster Ovens: Which Do You Need?

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be as confusing as deciding what technology to buy. If you have a smartphone and a laptop, do you need a tablet? If you have a toaster and an oven, do you need a toaster oven? Here’s what to ask yourself when […]

Coffee Makers

Which Coffee Maker is Right For You?

These days you are guaranteed to find some type of coffee maker in every home or office. If you’ve always wondered, “Why does my friend use a French press while my father’s office has an espresso machine?” then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, […]

types of ovens around the world

Ovens From Around The World

Most American households contain a conventional oven: a heated compartment that can turn a tray of gooey dough and chocolate chips into mouthwatering cookies in only minutes. The design is so common and easy to use, you may think it’s universal. Believe it or not, while ovens […]

microwave tips

Thanks, Microwave, For The Hot Bowl of Freezing Chili

We’ve all been there: You’ve pulled out last night’s delicious chili leftovers, scooped them into a bowl, and put them in the microwave for what you hope will be a 90-second journey to a hot, delicious meal. Beep! Beep! The microwave cheerily sings out a victory anthem; […]


The Gamer’s Manual To Dishwasher Loading

Loading your dishwasher is like playing Tetris. You cram a never-ending collection of dirty dishes onto your washer racks and are rewarded with shiny new plates and deleted germs. Everybody who owned a Game Boy growing up knows how to play Tetris; however, just because you own […]


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