Which Coffee Maker is Right For You?

Coffee Makers
Which Coffee Maker is Right For You?

These days you are guaranteed to find some type of coffee maker in every home or office. If you’ve always wondered, “Why does my friend use a French press while my father’s office has an espresso machine?” then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll explain the pros and cons of each type of coffee maker to help you figure out which one is right for you.


    Drip coffee makers are so common to the American household that after we all go extinct and extraterrestrial life discovers our planet, they will likely point to coffee as the fuel source that drove our species. Since drip models can make up to twelve cups of coffee at a time, they can caffeinate residents of large family homes or offices at once.

    Drip coffee makers do have their downsides. If you live in a house with people who don’t drink coffee, you may find yourself overestimating how much coffee to brew. They also require maintenance and cleaning. If you leave leftover coffee to sit out, bacteria and mold can grow in the pot.


    Single cup makers pour hot water through small, prepackaged coffee pods directly into your mug. Due to their personalized design, they are the most democratic of the coffee makers. Single cup makers are especially helpful at offices. They avoid any conflict of interest when one employee wants to brew French Vanilla, while the other wants Colombian Roast.

    Single cup makers are not advantageous for all occasions, though. If you have guests who like coffee for dessert, it can be a real operation brewing an individual cup for each of them. In addition, the amount of plastic pods you’d waste is not beneficial for the environment. If you like to entertain, we recommend purchasing a single cup maker and a drip maker.


    French presses are the coffee-making tool of choice for coffee connoisseurs, and hipsters who like their friends to think they are coffee connoisseurs. The French press is one of the oldest forms of coffee making in the world. Despite originating in the 1850s, the process of the French press remains virtually unaltered. This means that even during a power outage, you can start your day right with a cup of coffee.

    The only downside of the French press is the preparation time. People who like their coffee strong may have to wait up to eight minutes for the grounds to soak in hot water before they press down the plunger to filter the grounds. This is not ideal for those who love to hit the snooze button and run out the door at the last minute.


    Espresso comes from those wacky devices in coffee shops that look like the science fair project that kicked your baking soda volcano’s butt. Espresso is much stronger and concentrated than other types of coffee – thus, why baristas refer to espresso servings as shots. Espresso is sure to perk you up in no time at all.

    Espresso machines are not for the casual drinker. Due to their sophisticated nature, they require regular maintenance and cleaning. On the bright side, your efforts will yield you amazing tasting coffee.

Using this guide, you can determine which coffee maker is best to start your day. If you’re still unsure, we recommend trying each coffee maker for yourself. The different tastes and processes may surprise you.

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