The DIY Guide to a Beautiful Laundry Room

DIY Laundry Room
The DIY Guide to a Beautiful Laundry Room

How many times have you been to this house? It’s a beautiful two-story home where, at first glance, everything looks perfect. But there’s always that one room hidden away that is such a mess, its very existence threatens to bring down the entire property value. Damp towels lay wrinkled atop the washing machine, dirty underwear shrivel inside a laundry basket, and a container of detergent oozes goo over the floor. This room is the laundry room.

Now, you may not be able to afford that beautiful house, but there’s no reason your laundry room needs to look like a damp breeding ground for West Nile Virus. After compiling some photos of beautiful laundry rooms, we’ve created these do-it-yourself tips to help you create a room that outshines the Joneses any day of the week.


As we discussed in a previous post, you can use color coordination to spruce up a space. This laundry room is a perfect example:


Via My Decorative

Depending on your budget, you can decorate by sticking to one primary color for your laundry room. Professional designers who study color theory would recommend this bright blue scheme, as it evokes a feeling of friendliness and refreshment.

In addition to painting the walls blue, you can buy blue laundry baskets and towels to accentuate the color. Since this is a DIY operation, don’t worry about hunting down blue laundry machines to match. The best part about appliances being white is that they already fit most color schemes.


If your laundry room sits in a tiny corridor between the living room and bathroom, you can’t do much with the space except dress it up. However, if your laundry machines make up part of a larger room, don’t use that extra space as a piling area for more dirty socks. Look at all the potential you’d waste:


Via SowingRoom

This DIY blogger took a cozy but minimalist approach to her laundry room. Facing the room from a different angle than the photograph, the laundry machines could be mistaken for just another set of cabinets. You too can achieve this design by pulling focus to other aesthetically pleasing parts of the room. The room seems to have several functions with its inclusion of a table and the numerous storage areas. The owner carefully selected lotions, towels and potpourris that provide an aesthetically pleasing design while also suggesting cleanliness. Notice how all the object colors are either transparent or a clay-like beige that tie the room together through color coordination.


WARNING: A laundry/bathroom hybrid is not for the faint of heart! If you are naturally inclined to not pick up after yourself or have children under the age of twenty-six, do not attempt this. However, if you dare to pull off this design, our recommendation is keep it simple, like this:

Laundry Room

Via TheBeigeHouse

The people who designed this bathroom are professionals and we recommend following their every step. Notice how the room is stripped to its bare essentials: toilet, sink and laundry machines. Only a creative curtain design, an artsy photo, and a book atop the toilet accessorize the room to provide character. The counter above the laundry machine could easily be covered in heaps of dirty clothes, yet the owners exercise a great deal of discipline to keep laundry elsewhere.

With these DIY tips, you can get some ideas to redecorate your laundry room and make it the most innovative and artistic area of the house. One theme we definitely would not recommend for your laundry room is a man cave. There is nothing more irritating than trying to watch the football game when a dryer’s spin cycle kicks in. However, if you only use your TV to watch foreign films with subtitles, by all means ignore this note.

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