How to Get a Foreign Object Out of Your Dryer

Get a Foreign Object Out of Your Dryer
How to Get a Foreign Object Out of Your Dryer

Forgetting to check your pants pockets before you wash them can make things messy for your dryer. A drying cycle can turn your tissue pack into strands of confetti, or make your lip balm freeze-dry to the top of its cap.

But what happens if you have a situation like this Repair Forum member, who accidentally let a glue stick fall down the lint filter? Before you determine that using the dryer again would result in all your socks, underwear, and shirts gluing themselves into a modern art masterpiece, know that removing a foreign object from your dryer isn’t as serious of a reconnaissance mission as it seems. In the following procedure we’ll be using an older Maytag “dependable care” model with a lint filter in the front opening of the dryer as an example. With these steps, you can recover your glue stick in fifteen minutes.

STEP 1: Remove Power to the Dryer

Unplug the dryer or turn off the circuit breaker.

STEP 2: Remove the Dryer’s Front Panel

To remove the panel, use a short “stubby” Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws at the bottom. Then swing the bottom of the panel out toward you until the spring clips release from the top panel. Next, disconnect the door switch wires from the door switch and set the panel aside.

Note: There are some versions of Maytag dryers, as well as other brand dryers, that require a flat blade tool (like a putty knife) to open them. In this case, insert the tool into the seam between the top panel and the front panel.

Press in on the spring clip and lift up on the corner of the top panel. This will raise the top, giving access to two ¼-inch hex head screws – one on each front panel flange. Remove these two screws using a ¼-inch nut driver or socket. Then pull the front panel out from the top, disconnect the door switch wires, and lift the front panel up and out.

STEP 3: Remove the Screws That Secure the Front Bulkhead

The front bulkhead of your dryer is the metal frame that surrounds the door. Use a 5/16 socket or nut driver to remove the four 5/16 inch hex head screws that secure the front bulkhead and outlet duct to the cabinet front flange.

STEP 4: Remove the Lint Filter

Remove the lint filter and see if the glue stick lodged itself inside. If not, turn your bulkhead around so the interior panel and drum seal face you. Make sure to clean out all the debris and lint that have accumulated in the outlet duct.

STEP 5: Remove the Blower Housing Cover

Even if you’ve found the glue stick, it’s a good idea to check and clean the blower housing. The blower housing is located on the bottom of your dryer and is shaped like a plastic buzz saw.

Use a ¼ inch nut driver or socket to remove the blower housing cover, and then remove any accumulated debris from the inside of the blower housing and exhaust pipe. Also clear out any lint or debris that has accumulated on the vanes of the blower wheel.

In order to put the dryer back together, reverse the above procedure. Then apply power to the dryer and check to make sure it is running properly. You can use the glue stick you found to paste a note on the dryer door that reads: “Dear Me, Next Time You Dry Your Clothes, Beware of Base Jumping Glue Sticks.”

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