Fun Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

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Fun Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day again, that time of year when Irish stereotypes are at their most charming. While St. Patrick’s Day can be boiled down to its base parts – shamrocks, leprechauns, and drinking – the most unique aspect of the holiday is making things green.

Nobody goes more overboard with the color green on this holiday than Chicago. Every year, the Windy City dyes its river green. Makes dropping some food coloring into your beer feel a little underwhelming, doesn’t it? If you want to go overboard on St. Patrick’s Day, make these green food recipes:

Shamrock Shaped Jello Jigglers

This recipe makes Jello, but not just any Jello. This is a recipe for jiggly shamrocks in an electric hue of transparent green. Once you take the trays out of the refrigerator, kids will devour these bite sized morsels like mowers to clovers. You’ll eat so many of these, they’ll dye your tongue green. It will then be futile to drink away the color with alcohol, but you’re welcome to try.

Green Mashed Potatoes

What’s more Irish than potatoes? Green potatoes. What’s more Irish than green potatoes? Green potatoes eaten by a tipsy leprechaun off a shamrock shaped plate. Here’s a killer stovetop recipe for green mashed potatoes that uses thyme and parsley to do the magic. These ingredients give a nice subtle green. Don’t go overboard, otherwise you’ll end up with a concoction that looks like Play-Doh. (Though that might be the trick to making the kids eat their vegetables.)

Green Eggs and Ham

“You may like them, you will see. You may like them in a tree!”
- Dr. Seuss

If you have kids, make this dish on your stovetop the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. Pretend to be as surprised as they are when the food comes out green. Reserve this meal for St. Patrick’s Day only. No family member will get tired of an annual tradition based around food. These traditions have a better longevity than others. And this one is particularly delicious.

With these easy to prepare recipes, you can go overboard with your St. Patrick’s Day color scheme and eat delicious food in the process. If you get a little food on your clothes, no need to clean it off. Now no one can pinch you!

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