Keep Your Glass Stove Top in Good Shape With These Tips

Keep Your Glass Stove Top in Good Shape With These Tips

Picturesque, glistening perfection. If this is how you would describe your ideal kitchen setup, there’s a good chance you have looked into purchasing a glass stove top. They just look awesome. You can almost hear the “bling” sound as light bounces off of the surface and into your adoring eyes. If you are one of the lucky people who has bejeweled your kitchen with this sleek, modern type of cooktop, you may have noticed that with great beauty comes a certain price. In order to maintain this space-age look, you have to drop your Iron Age tactics in the kitchen. Here are a few tips to keep your glass stove top as pretty as the day you found her.

Habits To Avoid

Never slide your pots and pans around. This is a surprisingly hard rule to follow. As inviting as that slick finish looks, try to refrain from air hockey tournaments of any kind in the kitchen. Always lift your cookware to move it around.

Cookware To Avoid

It’s best to avoid cast iron for glass stove tops. This type of cookware usually has uneven areas and rough edges along the bottom, so it is a huge culprit for scratches and unsightly marking. You should also keep ceramic and stoneware off your glass stove top due to their rough bases. They can really gouge into that diamond luster and turn your friends’ first reactions to your kitchen from “Oh, wow” to “What happened there?”.

Substances To Avoid Spilling

Be very careful when you are heating anything that is high in sugar content. If it boils over or spills for any reason while the burners are hot, the sugar can burn and fuse itself to the surface of your stove with the tenacity of a telemarketer on evaluation day. It’s a bad scene, but sometimes spills are just unavoidable. Before you jump into cleanup mode on your shiny, new sugar burner, you have to learn some nifty, new kitchen protocol.

Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts

Contrary to your old habits, you cannot use any abrasive cleansers on your glass stove top, because it is prone to scratches, scrapes, and nicks. When there is a spill or any heavy residue buildup, you should:

  1. Turn off all burners and allow to cool.
  2. Put some cooktop cleaning cream like Cerama Bryte onto the surface.
  3. Use a razor scraper to essentially shave off the residue. (It’s like a magic wand, only it’s a razor that scrapes!)
  4. As you scrape, maintain a little cream on the residue.
  5. Once you think you’ve scraped through all of the solid debris, eliminate any residue that remains with the use of a scrub sponge.
  6. After the above steps, step up your level of surface protection by buffing all of it with Cerama Bryte (or other glass-ceramic cooktop cleaner) and a paper towel.

Breaking some of your old kitchen habits is much easier said than done, but you will definitely thank yourself when it comes to taking care of such a beautiful fixture in the kitchen. In fact, If done right, your glass stove top will age far better than any of its less shiny predecessors. Gentle care goes a long way with this gentle kitchen beauty.

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