Must-Have Appliances for a Successful Summer Barbecue

Summer Barbecue Appliances
Must-Have Appliances for a Successful Summer Barbecue

No event announces the arrival of summer like a successful barbecue. If you’ve chosen to lead the charge on this season’s cook off marathon, you might find yourself asking, “How many appliances would I need to pull off such a feat?”

There’s likely a way to get every appliance in your house involved. However, to avoid information overload, we’ve narrowed this blog down to five key appliances you’ll need to make your barbecue a night to remember.


If you want to knock the socks off your guests, you must make adequate time to prepare. No one likes going to the lazy man’s barbecue: an event advertised as BYOB, where the chef cooks prepackaged hot dogs on his or her George Foreman grill.

Consider cooking a more sophisticated type of meat like steak. We recommend buying the steak before the party, adding the appropriate amount of seasoning, and letting the steak marinate in butcher paper overnight.

The same thing can go for ribs. Don’t fork over money for store bought barbecue sauce. Instead, take the DIY approach. Mix up some barbecue sauce and let all the ingredients marinate in the fridge overnight. When you slather the sauce over your racks of ribs, your guests will salivate over the higher quality.


Margaritas are likes barbecues: some are better than others. Don’t just mix a couple shots of tequila into your store bought margarita mix and serve the glass with ice cubes. That’s boring, and you’re supposed to be throwing the party of the summer here!

For an easy margarita recipe that serves four, you can simply combine into your blender 1 ¼ cups of fresh lime juice, 1 cup of Triple Sec, 1 cup of silver tequila, and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with 3 cups of ice cubes. Here is the original recipe for specific instructions. Then just blend it all together! People love crushed ice margaritas—they’re like Slurpees for adults.


The grill is the most important appliance at your barbecue. Not only does it cook the food your friends have come to devour, it also provides a warm spot for your male friends to congregate, drink their beer, and critique the way you flip the meat.

Before beginning the barbecue, you must ask yourself: charcoal or propane? We know people who are more passionate about this argument than they are about their favorite sports team. Here’s the rule of thumb we like to follow:

Use propane: if you cook poultry or seafood. Gas offers more control, so you can cook at varying temperatures without risking under- or over-cooking the entrée.

Use charcoal: if you cook meat. Charcoal cooks at hotter temperatures, which will make your steaks or burgers crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. In addition, nothing complements the taste of meat like a nice, smoky flavor.


It’s imperative that you offer delicious side dishes with the meat. If you’re serving hamburgers or steak for dinner, it’s a classy move to have potatoes baking in the oven. However, we only suggest using the oven if you have someone else to manage baking duties for you.

If you’re running the event solo, you’ll get dizzy dashing in and out of the house to check on both the grill and the oven. You won’t have time to play host to your friends, and you risk something burning. If you’re still new to hosting barbecues, remember that corn cooks just as well on a grill as it does on a stove top.


If you choose to host a series of barbecues over the summer, we recommend using real dishes when you can. It’s classier and more fun! You won’t have to worry about washing them by hand if you use your dishwasher. Across the board, dishwashers are more eco-friendly: using it will you save water by not doing your dishes in the sink, and you won’t have to throw away industrial sized amounts of paper plates. Just be sure to follow our tips for loading your dishwasher like a pro.

However, if you plan on having one big summer barbecue bash—like a Memorial Day celebration—we recommend opting for paper plates. On occasion, time can be the most valuable asset worth conserving.

Throwing a successful summer barbecue means making all your kitchen appliances work together. By keeping these five appliances in mind, your barbecue will stand the test of time!

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