Decorate Appliance

Tips for Decorating Your Appliances

Last week, we discussed different ways to spruce up your refrigerator for a party. It got us thinking: how else could you spruce up your appliances to make your kitchen the envy of all others? We’ve assembled a list of five ways your appliances can help create […]

City Water Filter

Does Your City Need a Water Filter?

In a recent question on our website about a Pur water filter for a Whirlpool refrigerator, one of our customers asked, “After changing the water filter, is there a need to void any cups of water before drinking it?” We answered, “Yes. You need to [dispose of […]

Isabelle Larue Interview

Isabelle LaRue of Engineer Your Space Gives Us The Dirt on DIY

With many homeowners creating DIY projects and attempting home repairs these days, we thought it would be appropriate to interview a pro DIYer to provide some insider tips and inspiration to help you customize your home. Isabelle LaRue is the creator, host, and producer of “Engineer Your […]

refrigerator party tips

How to Make Your Refrigerator the Life of the Party

When you throw a house party you spend all day blowing up balloons, tacking on banners, and making sure the place doesn’t look like a pigsty. You decorate the whole house, yet you never spruce up your refrigerator—the one appliance people depend on to keep the beer, […]

Coffee Makers

Which Coffee Maker is Right For You?

These days you are guaranteed to find some type of coffee maker in every home or office. If you’ve always wondered, “Why does my friend use a French press while my father’s office has an espresso machine?” then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, […]

Amazing Appliances

Amazing Smart Appliances That Could Change Your Life

In 1999, TiVo released the first digital video recorder. The device allowed people to pause, rewind, and record live television. It was the beginning of a revolution amongst household appliances. Today, more smart electronics are coming onto the market to make your house easier to maintain than […]

Valentines Day Recipes

Valentine’s Day Recipes You Can Make…in the Microwave!

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest nights for eating out. Why spend the most romantic date of the year combating large crowds, disgruntled hostesses, and a two-hour wait at Olive Garden? If your answer is, “I honestly don’t know how to cook,” then fear no more. […]

types of ovens around the world

Ovens From Around The World

Most American households contain a conventional oven: a heated compartment that can turn a tray of gooey dough and chocolate chips into mouthwatering cookies in only minutes. The design is so common and easy to use, you may think it’s universal. Believe it or not, while ovens […]

Get a Foreign Object Out of Your Dryer

How to Get a Foreign Object Out of Your Dryer

Forgetting to check your pants pockets before you wash them can make things messy for your dryer. A drying cycle can turn your tissue pack into strands of confetti, or make your lip balm freeze-dry to the top of its cap. But what happens if you have […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Vacuum From Sucking Your Money

5 Ways To Keep Your Vacuum From Sucking Your Money

The average household vacuum takes up $11-$16 of your annual electric bill. Sounds reasonable until you discover your TV, which you use a hundred times more often, only costs $15 per year (source). Before you go crawling on your floor with pieces of tape to save money, […]


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